This Litter Of Puppies Enjoying Dinner Is Wheely Adorable

Published May 13, 2016 88,629 Views $276.80 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesIt has been said that greed is a sin, but how can something as adorable as a little puppy be considered as sinful? Especially when said puppy has to fight for its own place at the food bowl, along with its six other siblings?

A litter of Doberman puppies from Satu Mare in Romania have been spotted making a very adorable pinwheel around the puppy food bowl. There might be seven of them, but these pups know perfectly well how to share their meal, since it will always be served in a dish that has to accommodate them all.

As soon as their owner serves them their meal, the little of adorable little rascals starts munching on the food. But all it takes for one of them to think that the kibble to the right is better than the stuff in front of her and everyone begins slurping in circles! The seventh, and probably slowest, sibling joins in and immediately starts following its brother and sisters in this hilarious activity.

They don’t even skip a beat - each one makes the exact same move with the exact same leg in the exact same time, munching, licking and slurping from the food bowl like there is no tomorrow! It looks somewhat tiresome to eat and dance around your plate, but one thing is for certain. It takes barely a minute for these seven puppies to literally lick the bowl clean of its contents.

After the bowl is empty, the puppers proceed to lick the sides, because a good puppy never leaves a bit of kibble behind. Good job!