Son Surprises His Parents With Pregnancy 'Gift' Reveal

Published August 25, 2015 38,164 Plays

Rumble / Heartwarming FamiliesWe have seen enough of these videos to tell when something is a good idea or a down-right lousy one. When a young couple expects their first kid, they do everything in their power to surprise their own parents with the news. The surprises range from really cheesy to utterly adorable!

There have been some surprises that have left the unsuspecting grandparents guessing for a good amount of time, all the while a camera is pointed at them. We have always excused their slow process of figuring stuff up, because they are, in fact, grandparents. It comes with the territory after all. But these parents took it a step further and really kicked things up a notch with a surprise so subtle, we tip our hats to them.

They decided to tell the dad’s parents on his birthday. User 'howardcord' gets a gifts from his already <a href="" target="_blank">pregnant wife</a>, nicely wrapped up in a bundle, <a href="" target="_blank">revealing</a> nothing in particular.

“There is definitely a book in there,” says the sneaky dad, feeling up the package, to which his own dad says “and some underwear”, noticing how soft it looks. When Howard rips the wrapping paper open, he indeed reveals a book with a title that says “Expecting Father” and two little bunches that definitely look like underwear. Howard’s mom is sitting right next to him and she will not be fooled. That book’s title clearly says something is brewing and will be popping out in a few months. His dad is quick to catch up, both looking at Howard’s wife with huge question marks over their heads.

When Howards reveals that the bundles are actually baby clothes, the surprise is revealed - they are having a baby! And it is coming on Mother’s Day!