Pickle The Mini Pig Absolutely Loves Ice Cream

Published August 10, 2015 10,665 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsWhen you think about pigs do you think about the curly tailed piglet or the fat sow wallowing in a big mud puddle?There are a lot of stereotypes about pigs and that’s why people have a bad image about that! Well, not all pigs are like that! Nowadays a lot of people have pigs as pets! They have their own bed, they have baths and brush their teeth every night before bed! This is one amazing pig that lives her life to the fullest!

This is Pickle. She is the cutest most amazing pig you have ever seen in your life! Pickle the mini pig is back for more ice cream - this time to celebrate his 6 month birthday! How cute is that? Everybody loves ice cream including Pickles! She really loves ice cream! Would you ever consider getting a pig as a pet? They can be really cute! Check out this adorable piggy feasting on some delicious ice cream! Oink Oink!

More and more people realize that pigs are amazing domestic animals! They are clean, they do not sweat and they are very emotional! These tiny pigs have recently gained popularity as household pets after many entertainment magazines claimed in 2009 that teacup pigs were a favorite pet.

We hope you enjoyed this video of Pickles and if you did, we believe you would be delighted to meet Pickle’s brother professor Sprout who loves to bounce around!


  • ashley25, 3 years ago

    what a little pig.

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