Hangry Piggy Throws A Tantrum Because It's Not Lunch Time Yet

Published March 20, 2018 6,624 Plays $14.13 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsJudging by that big belly, this piggy gets plenty of food. But she still seems to get hangry and throw temper tantrums!

That’s right, hangry! Pearl knows that the only time her meal is served is when she is hungry and right now she is very hungry, but she doesn’t see her kibble being served! Her owner tries to calm her down, by scratching her back and petting her, but she is having none of it! He tries talking softly to her, reminding her that it is not time to eat yet, but the little spotted piggy whines and squeals with all her might in protest!

Seeing how the grub is nowhere to be seen, Pearl keeps herself on her mission to get some food, so she demonstrates how famished she is by licking the blanket her owner is wrapped in. He is still scratching her behind, making Pearl extra mad, licking and squealing disapprovingly. Sure, the scratches feel nice, but a belly scratch does not a full belly make!

Still, Pearl is far better behaved than another mini pet pig that we know and adore. Check out how Sammy reacts when his breakfast isn't ready on time. Just the smell of the food cooking is enough to make that big guy slobber and foam at the mouth in expectation of those juicy morsels! He’s hangry too, so much so that he is even throwing a tantrum of his own, banging the coffee table in the living room in demur.


  • killerbean56, 1 year ago

    Adorable couple kitty & piggy!

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  • tjames35, 1 year ago

    Pigs are smarter than dogs and as smart as chimpanzees

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