Brave Magician Pickpockets The Wallet Off A Police Officer

Published August 8, 2015 1,661 Plays

Rumble / Magic TricksAnyone can pull a prank of basically anyone. Unless you are really sloppy or the person you try to prank has exceptional reflexes, you can probably pull their wallet out of their back pants pocket. But to pull a prank like that on a police officer while she is on duty? You should really have insane courage!

Jibrizy, the Hip - Hop Illusionist is well known throughout the Chicagoland area where he frequently posted footage of his illusions on his web series "Limitless." Jibrizy gained over 30,000,000 views on those videos from his amazing magic.

Disclaimer: DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS EVER! Check it out as magician Jibrizy displays his stealth skills as he steals a wallet from a cop. In this jaw-dropping clip, Jibrizy aproaches the officer on the corner while she is speaking to another civilian. He noticed she was keeping her wallet in her back pocket, so without engaging her and using one swift move, he lifts the wallet out of her pocket, putting it straight into his own.

Back to some safe distance, he shows that everything is still in the wallet, then assures us that the property was returned to its rightful owner.

Jibrizy began practicing magic at age 9 and started his YouTube channel 5 years later at age 14. Since then he has grown into a magic superstar. He is the Illusionist for the Chicago Bulls. You can catch Jibrizy doing magic before the game or at the halftime event in the United Center.

Jibrizy also had the pleasure of having dinner with the master illusionist David Copperfield and showing his magic after his show in Las Vegas.