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Talented magician uses math to read your mind1m58s

Talented magician uses math to read your mind

Hip-hop illusionist 'Jibrizy' is about to read your mind! Just follow his simple instructions and by the end he'll be able to guess what animal you're thinking about in your head. Try it out!

Published: August 16, 20168,395 views
Magician reveals his relationship goals26s

Magician reveals his relationship goals

Magician 'Jibrizy' and his girlfriend show off some mind-blowing magic tricks that will leave you scratching your head. It looks like couples that performs magic together stay together!

Published: January 24, 201627,589 views
Best Street Maigc Show on The Internet!9m53s

Best Street Maigc Show on The Internet!

This is a small reality street magic show with amazing visual street magic to strangers we meet! I'll even read your mind over the screen in this show. Don't watch this and you'll be missing out!

Published: January 9, 201635,848 views
Do you use an iPhone passcode? Watch this!1m33s

Do you use an iPhone passcode? Watch this!

Do you have a Passcode on your Smart Phone? If you don't watch this video, you may be in trouble! Watch as magician Jibrizy puts his "Limitless" abilities to the test. Credit to 'Jibrizy'.

Published: January 9, 2016125,572 views
Homeless man's loyal cat sticks by his side41s

Homeless man's loyal cat sticks by his side

As we can clearly see, this loyal cat absolutely loves his owner. It's rare for cats to behave like this when out in the open, but this little guy just can't hide his affection!

Published: August 10, 201590,005 views
Magician performs heartwarming trick for homeless man1m02s

Magician performs heartwarming trick for homeless man

While visiting Chicago, 'Jibrizy' decided to perform a magic trick for a homeless man. With a seemingly empty paper bag, check out what happened when he emptied it into the man's money cup. This magician is putting his amazing skills to some very good use.

Published: August 8, 201567,867 views
Brave Magician Pickpockets The Wallet Off A Police Officer59s

Brave Magician Pickpockets The Wallet Off A Police Officer

Anyone can pull a prank of basically anyone. Unless you are really sloppy or the person you try to prank has exceptional reflexes, you can probably pull their wallet out of their back pants pocket. But to pull a prank like that on a police officer while she is on duty? You should really have insane courage! Jibrizy, the Hip - Hop Illusionist is well known throughout the Chicagoland area where he frequently posted footage of his illusions on his web series "Limitless." Jibrizy gained over 30,000,000 views on those videos from his amazing magic. Disclaimer: DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS EVER! Check it out as magician Jibrizy displays his stealth skills as he steals a wallet from a cop. In this jaw-dropping clip, Jibrizy aproaches the officer on the corner while she is speaking to another civilian. He noticed she was keeping her wallet in her back pocket, so without engaging her and using one swift move, he lifts the wallet out of her pocket, putting it straight into his own. Back to some safe distance, he shows that everything is still in the wallet, then assures us that the property was returned to its rightful owner. Jibrizy began practicing magic at age 9 and started his YouTube channel 5 years later at age 14. Since then he has grown into a magic superstar. He is the Illusionist for the Chicago Bulls. You can catch Jibrizy doing magic before the game or at the halftime event in the United Center. Jibrizy also had the pleasure of having dinner with the master illusionist David Copperfield and showing his magic after his show in Las Vegas.

Published: August 8, 2015490,744 views
This superhero magic trick will blow your mind!1m05s

This superhero magic trick will blow your mind!

After viewing the most recent 'Batman v Superman' and 'Suicide Squad' movie trailers, magician Jibrizy decided to share his thoughts on which famous superhero is the better of the two, in the form of a magic trick!

Published: July 20, 201520,513 views
Jaw-dropping magic trick performed with dollar bill46s

Jaw-dropping magic trick performed with dollar bill

Magician 'Jibrizy' assures us that there were no camera tricks used in the making of this video. A trending social media game known as "The Charlie Charlie Challenge" is performed here with 2 pencils and a dollar bill. Crazy! How do you think it was done?

Published: May 26, 201555,529 views
Action Packed Comic Art Style2m08s

Action Packed Comic Art Style

Magician "Jibrizy" and hula hoop flow artist "Abnormal Mindset" put together a talented compilation displaying their impressive skills. Check it out!

Published: April 3, 201531 views
Skilled Magician Uses 'The Force' To Pull A Ring1m02s

Skilled Magician Uses 'The Force' To Pull A Ring

Why we love magic? Because we want to believe that there are people out there who happen to have extraordinary talents and powers that bend and twist the object to their liking. Since there is no such thing as "multitasking" when it comes to attention, you may try to pay very close attention to what the magician is doing, but their tricks have evolved so much over the years that it is impossible to discern where the trick is actually taking place. So naturally, we give in to the illusion, as if this were the world of Star Wars and the magician is Yoda. On this video, we see magician Jibrizy as he dazzles a volunteer by performing a trick using only "the force". The trick is made with a pen and a ring. The girl takes the ring and puts it on the pen, then holds it with her hands on both ends. Then he uses “the force” to move the ring towards the end of the pen and then into the hand of the girl. Amazing! How did he do that this with that ring? We will never know. Jibrizy winner of the hit television show “Penn & Teller Fool Us” is one of the most raved about magician of the year captivating audiences around the world for over 14 years with experience. For the first time, you're going to learn what makes Jibrizy such a game-changing magician from the street to the stage. Nowhere else where you find a magic class like this.

Published: April 3, 2015155,327 views
Magician defying gravity2m06s

Magician defying gravity

Using a water bottle as his prop, Magician 'Jibrizy' does the impossible and defies gravity! Can you explain how it's done? Share you thoughts! Credit to 'Jibrizy'.

Published: October 30, 201441,476 views
iPhone bending 'gone wrong' prank1m41s

iPhone bending 'gone wrong' prank

Watch as magician 'Jibrizy' pretends to bend and "accidentally" break a few iPhones during this public prank segment. Looks like a few participants completely fell for the illusion!

Published: October 17, 2014132,750 views