Dog's First Swimming Lesson Looks Hilarious

TaiTiJiPublished: August 6, 2015Updated: December 19, 2017436,429 views
Published: August 6, 2015Updated: December 19, 2017

You might think that all dogs are just natural born swimmer, but we would beg to differ. Take big ol’ Taiyo as an example. His owner, user, TaiTiJi, says that the big Bernese Mountain Dog has been learning to swim for two years up to this point.

Taiyo seems a bit uncertain, as he walks in the water, but his owner is in the deep end and Taiyo really wants to be with him. After a brief consideration, the fluffy pooch gives into temptation and starts...slapping the water?

What does he think he is doing? Does he think he should dig his way through to his favorite human? Or does he think that slapping the surface of the water is the best way to cross the pond from one side to the other? Either way, it is both hilarious and frankly motivating to watch the big black dog overcome his fears.

Well, Taiyo might not be much of a swimmer, but he sure loves the great outdoors! Like, check out what he did when his owner took him out for a hike! When he sees the open field, Taiyo is so beside himself with happiness, that all he could do is zoom around and run in circles! That is one happy dog right there.

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