Sensei Inspires Young Karate Kid To Break A Wooden Board

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Published: July 22, 2015Updated: July 4, 2018

After receiving an inspiring talk from his karate teacher, Dylan managed to smash his very first board with ease! You can't help but appreciate that positive energy the motivational instructor presents! While the kid is preparing to break the board in front of him, the sensei gets him worked up by triggering some mental and physical adaptation to channel his inner ninja. Great job!

Martial arts are a form of codified systems and combat practices, which are practiced for various reasons such as self-defense, military training and law enforcement uses for mental and physical development. Although the term, ‘’martial art’’ has been associated with the fighting techniques of eastern Asia, earlier in the 1550s it referred to the combat systems of Europe. Watch as this Martial arts sensei teaches a young karate kid take down the board-smacking challenge.

“Ready Dylan? We’ve got ten tries, I want you to take your time. Going fast is not going to break the board. Ready? Here’s your first strike, I want you to focus!”, explains the instructor. However, when Dylan makes the first strike, he fails to break the board with his foot, despite of the strength he uses and the loud yells he produces.

For the second shot, the instructor continues the preaching and furthermore explains the trick of this martial art in detail. “Dylan, you gotta use your imagination, which means you have to see yourself breaking that board. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing, just focus on what we’re doing right now. Hands up! You need to have that determination Dylan, that it will happen, now use your legs. Here’s your second try, go!” encourages the instructor after which the motivated boy breaks the board with his other foot, resulting in happy cheers from the instructor.

Judging by the pure excitement in his voice, the instructor is genuinely positively surprised that his new student passed the test with flying colors, leaving the audience in awe! Second try out of ten was the charm for Dylan. As a reward and motivation, the instructor presents the broken board to Dylan, suggesting him to keep it as a trophy which will serve as future motivation that will encourage the young boy to perfect this martial art technique. What a special bond these two share!

Karate is only to be used for self-defense because martial arts techniques are not a joke. This motivational video shows a dedicated sensei firing up his young karate student, trying to get out his best power ranger, karate moves, and turn him into a mini ninja! Regardless of the fact that the kid is still a white belt, he will be black belt in no time, judging by the way he gets worked up upon hearing instructor’s motivational speech! This is some serious karate kid in the making!

What does a master make? Is it experience? Is it knowledge? Expertise maybe? Or just the general proficiency in whatever he is doing? In truth, you need to have all of these qualities, in order to be recognized as a true master in your field.

With martial arts, it is easy - all you have to do is not miss a single training, work hard every day, let your butt get kicked more times than you can count, get up more times than you have fallen and eventually you will have acquired the wisdom and the strength to become a master!

The expression ‘’Martial arts’’ has been derived from Latin language and it means ‘’Arts of Mars’’, the Roman God of war. Martial arts are divided into the armed and unarmed arts. Martial art masters are trying to help their members to build confidence, discipline, focus and physical/mental strength. But aside from the professional martial arts training and performing skills, the man in this video is one hell of an inspirational teacher. Watch how he spikes confidence into his young student’s mind, and helps him achieve perfection in the second try! Simply amazing!

If you got fired up already, take a look at this guy who is able to perform eight spin flips on one foot. The spin flip is also called a flash-kick in tricking, where the attacker jumps and flips mid-air, in order to attack their opponent from the top. When performed correctly, this could be the final blow in a fight.

Unlike this happy-ending story, take a look at this another video of a sensei teacher inspiring a youngster to break a wooden board with his fist. Video starts with a bunch of kids gathered around to cheer the boy in the orange shirt to break through a wooden board with his fist. For about a minute, his teacher gets him fired up with all those powerful words, trying to spike up motivation in young boy’s eyes. Well, apparently she spiked it alright, and maybe a little too much! Obviously, the board is pre-cut so that kids can break it and feel powerful, but the moment this kid hits the board, sparks come out flying right into sensei’s face. Was it supposed to spark? And if so, why? Maybe this kid really is that powerful, or he has some secret powers he is yet to discover!

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