Two flips, two basketballs, one epic trick shot!

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Published: July 14, 2015

You have never seen something like this before! Check out this video as Kevin Libertowski pulls off an amazing stunt! He does a trampoline trick shot involving multiple flips and basketballs! It is something incredible that should not be missed! How many attempts do you think this took to pull off? We're guessing one!

This video is absolutely insane! How did he manage to pull something off so amazing! The first shot was already amazing as it is, but the second shot that he did was the icing on the cake. He must have practiced so long to pull of a shot of that caliber. Even he seemed so surprised and hyped as he made those shots. What a priceless reaction that was. Not many people people can do flips, let alone make two baskets when doing those flips! Kevin really does show that people are really unique and awesome!

Doesn't this video make you wish that you had a trampoline to practice flips on like Kevin does? Awesome trampolines can be found in any outdoor store, but the best ones are from online stores! Kevin must have practiced a lot, after all practice does make perfect!

Have you done any cool trick shots before? Let us know in the comments!

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