San Antonio Boy Attempts Icy Stunt by Jumping on Slick Trampoline

Storyful Published January 16, 2018 6 Plays

Rumble - After a rare snowy day in San Antonio, Texas, on Tuesday, January 16, a boy tried jumping on his ice-covered trampoline. His mom, Rhonda Ramirez-Rehr, caught the stunt on camera, as the boy slid and slipped all over the slick surface. In a message to Storyful, Ramirez-Rehr said, “We are from San Antonio, Texas and we don’t DO cold weather! So when my son said, ‘Mom, record me on the trampoline…’, I didn’t know what to expect. But it made us both laugh and most of all, we made memories to last a lifetime!! That was the important thing! I loved it, his smile and laugh… priceless!” Schools were delayed on Tuesday after the cold snap and wintry conditions struck the area. According to local reports, roughly 180 crashes were reported when bridges were starting to freeze over. San Antonio schools were early to cancel or delay schools. Credit: Facebook/‎Rhonda N Ramirez-Rehr via Storyful