Needy Seagull Refuses To Let Go Of Partner

Published August 10, 2014 1,564 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsDuring a dinner time meal, one onlooker witnessed and captured this odd quarrel between two seagulls. As one tried to walk away from the argument, the other grabbed a hold and refused to let go of its wing! Have you ever seen a sight like that before?

Who knew that seagulls can be as manipulative and as domineering as any villain known to man! They do not choose their footing when they try and get what they want, but they look damn cool while they do it. This overly-affectionate seagull has a story to tell!

Two seagulls were spotted quarreling on a port over some trivial thing, when one onlooker spotted their struggle and decided to capture their adorable fight on camera. Footage shows the hilarious moment when one seagull is pulling the wing of another seagull, refusing to let go! It is adorable how birds can be obsessive sometimes!

We are imagining that these two are a couple, and the one did something wrong, supposedly the male seagull. In addition, this is a life footage of how quarrels are solved when you messed up! Did this seagull forgot to bring dinner on time, or did he dare to fly over to the nest of another female seagull, and flirt his wings away? We cannot know for sure, but judging by the way this angry seagull is pulling on his wing, we can say he messed up big time!

In another scenario, this aggressive act is called the power of love and this female seagull is hungry for more! She is so obsessed with her lover, that she cannot stand being away from him, not even a second. Whatever the case scenario might be, this is not a way to attract a guy and make him stay!

What do you think is the background story to this feud?

Credit goes to 'bgregmc'