Airline Passenger Records Apparent UFO Over Damascus, Syria

Published July 14, 2015 356,228 Views

Rumble / Weird MysteriesAfter sightings of strange lights in a triangular formation in Arizona, another similar sighting spotted from a plane over Georgia, an eerie sighting during the night in the California desert and once more from a plane over Iran, it seems that the conspiracy theorists of Earth have had their hands full!

Now this fresh footage has emerged, again from a plane and during broad daylight, as it flew over the desert around Damascus, Syria. As the plane flies towards its destination, a passenger is recording the sight below. It’s a clear sky and not a cloud in sight, as one would expect in the desert.

But then, something pops up on the image and looks to be standing completely still in the air, as the plane flies over it. The object looks to be egg-shaped and silver in color.

If you have ever seen a movie about aliens, then you would know that they like their crafts to be smooth, regular in shape and very friggin shiny! They also seem to build them so that they can hover in space like this and be very quiet.

Some might say it a lame attempt at convincing the masses that there is more out there that just stardust, seeing how incredibly low quality the footage is, not to mention the effort made to zoom in and slow down the clip where the unidentified object appears on the footage, but no effort was made to clear up the image! Why is that?