Dash Cam Captures Incredible Near Miss Roundabout Accident

stress8allPublished: May 14, 2015Updated: May 18, 2015653,582 views
Published: May 14, 2015Updated: May 18, 2015

This is the chilling moment when a dash cam footage captures the incredibly close call two vehicles experience during a near miss accident on a roundabout junction.

Seeing a close call happen is always an important reminder to stay aware of your surrounds whether you're driving or not. You never know what's coming around the corner, so you need to do everything to stay as safe and alert as possible.

In this video, we see a car waiting second in a row to enter a roundabout. As the first car in the row waits for incoming cars to pass and enters the junction to make a steep turn for the far right lane, a speeding car intersects its path and comes very close to the turning vehicle, with only few inches spare to avoid a serious crash.

The dash-cam of the car behind caught this near miss incident on film, showing the close call these two cars had in the moment everyone stopped breathing to see if the vehicles collided. The road seemed to be clear so the car entered into traffic only to transition into the roundabout where the close call occurred.

Watch the chilling moment when a speeding car comes out of nowhere and swiftly enters the roundabout only to avoid crashing into the oncoming vehicle. As the speeding car came out of nowhere, the skilled driver of the incoming car had to swerve the wheel in order to avoid collision. Thankfully no one was injured and the traffic flow continued as if nothing had happened.

Roundabout accidents are frequent especially if there is a dead angle and vehicles come out of frame, causing vehicles to meet out of nowhere. Watching the dash cam footage which captured this extremely close call of two speeding cars meeting on a junction just to enter a roundabout has left us speechless. Fortunately, the quick reactions and great driving skills presented by the driver made for a happy ending.

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