Dash Cam Captures Dangerous Near-Miss Accident

Published October 26, 2015 29,932 Plays $78.07 earned

Rumble / Dash Cam FootageYou have to watch this amazing video where you will see how this guy is a genius of the wheel, he manages to get out of a very tense situation on the road. Seeing two tires rolling quickly to your car is not funny, but getting out of such a situation unharmed, is very impressive and comforting.

We can witness anything on the road, we leave our homes without having the slightest idea of what might happen on the journey ahead. For this very reason, keeping an eye on the wheel is the best way to prevent accidents while driving. So did this man, who quickly realized that two tires were coming directly towards him, fortunately he managed to avoid them, saving his life and avoiding damage to his car, Well done!

The cameras managed to capture this impressive moment in which this driver is calmly driving along the road when we see a truck coming from the opposite direction, and when the driver of the truck makes a turn, two tires come out jumping on the road which is busy with a lot of traffic. In a matter of seconds, this man had to improvise some maneuvers and thanks to his dexterity with the steering wheel, he evaded being hit by the tires, having successfully managed to pass by them. Obviously, fortune was on his side as there was no damage caused to any vehicle on the road.

This man had to live his own scene of "Final Destination", he knew how to react timely in this situation, thanks to being very alert. Many people are more cautious when driving near cargo trucks, because even if road accidents look like something we see in movies, the reality after all is not so different. Every day we see accidents on the roads, caused by rollovers of trucks, even if the trucks are in perfect condition, we can not ignore the chances that something might happen. There are videos of pigs fallen from trucks, as well as other animals or other materials/objects that have ended up rolling down the road because the drivers didn’t take the necessary safety measures. It often happens the simple wear of the ropes or rails that hold the load not to be fasten properly causing fatal accidents.

Even if we take all the necessary measures to drive safely, we should always be super cautious because of the other people who drive on the road who also influence our well-being when it comes to driving. It is of great help to alert other drivers if we see that something is wrong with their vehicles, because car accidents are like the effect of dominoes. When a car unexpectedly breaks down, it can cause a collision that could end up affecting many other people who travel on the same road.

Thinking fast often gets us out of trouble, don't you think? This man's ability at the wheel is incredible and we're glad there's no harm done. What do you think? If you have a recommendation for drivers and freight forwarders, don't hesitate to share it in the comments below.