Pilot Performs Outstanding Spin With No Hands

FedericoPintoPublished: April 27, 2015Updated: April 30, 2015432,419 views
Published: April 27, 2015Updated: April 30, 2015

Does this man have the most dangerous job in Argentina? And why he chooses to make a living risking his life? We may never understand him but we know that the spin stunt he performs with his plane, with no hands, is incredibly courageous and leaves us speechless. If you take a moment to watch the video, you will see what he does is magical.

The pilot flies hundreds of miles an hour and thousands of feet high – twirling, tumbling and twisting his airplane in ways you never thought possible. The speed and the intensity of watching him perform makes you almost forget to breathe. And makes your head spin with him, too. Feeling dizzy is like a side effect of the video. The acrobatic piloting is a form of art but it is inspiring and thrilling.

The buildings, the fields, the sea, the sky, the mountains, the clouds - they all become one, everything merges together in a never-ending line on the horizon as the pilot twirls in the sky. Our ordinary brains, not used to such a stimulus, can not respond with the same quick-motioned maneuvers like those of the plane. The spin lasts for nearly half a minute before the pilot purposefully stalls the aircraft, allowing to fall lifelessly until he levels it off.

We can see it starting to move slowly while ascending up in the air to only be surprised one more time and watch the plane turning upside down. It all becomes blurry, the sky and the land replace their places -the sky becomes the land and the land becomes the sky.
Sometimes you have to fall in love with what you are afraid of.

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