This Cute Baby Loves To Sing 'Amazing Grace' With Her Dad

JenniferK Published March 17, 2015 27,687 Plays

Rumble / Babies & KidsAlthough this baby is only 4 months old she clearly is enjoying her daddy's singing. She even tries to join in on the action! You can tell that she loves her daddy. As she's starting to figure out how the world works, it seems like she's picked up the concept of music pretty quickly. Impressive! Maybe there will be a few Grammy nominations in her future.

Babies are so cute. Everything that they do is just so darn adorable. From learning how to walk to make the cutest noises, something about a baby is just so wholesome and ridiculously cute. Nothing like a cute baby to brighten up your day.

Having a baby is really a special thing. They have the ability to change your life forever. Everything that is done for them will always be worth it, from cleaning their diapers, to paying for their college.

Listen as she tries to sing along with dad ! How cute is that? Some babies start to laugh from early stages, some to say few words like Mama and Dada but some babies start to sing. This darling little baby might look like a mere toddler but we believe her music sense is really developed! Amazing! The relationship between a father and his baby is about as cute as it can get. A dad who knows how to take care of his little ones is a pretty beautiful thing!

Any kind of bonding time between a dad and his babe is precious. He is raising the kid to appreciate good music! The relationship between a father and his baby is always unbreakable and these kinds of moments will always be remembered and cherish, by the father and thanks to this video by the daughter too.

The father and daughter bond is unbreakable. From the moment they are babies till the day they grow up to be somebody's wife. Just take a look at this amazing father and his daughter sharing a particular moment.

This is one of the best moments. We hope more dads watch this and become inspired to spend quality time with their children. No matter how old they are, dads should always find time to spend time with their children.

Babies are adorable, and everything they do is pretty much excellent! Just like this cutie pie! They are a real blessing, and we hope we will see more videos like this! Don’t forget to share this incredible father-daughter moment!

Credit to 'JenniferK'.