Goat Kids Have Ridiculously Cute Pajama Party

Storyful Published April 19, 2017 6,351 Plays

Rumble First of all, let us start by saying that we love all baby animals. Everything is so tiny and cute, how can you not? But if we had to make a choice of a ultimate favorite, then it has to be baby goats.

They are like little, fluffy, human babies, if human babies had hooves on all fours and those ridiculous eyes. They love to play, almost as much as they love to cuddle. And just as we thought we couldn’t be more in love with goat kids, these show up dressed in pajamas! Praise their owner for the idea!

The Sunflower Farm Creamery in Cumberland, Maine keep Nigerian Dwarf Goats for their dairy business. According to them each of the goats on the farm has a name and they all have distinctive voices that can be recognized from far away.

Recently they had a new group of kids and the Creamery decided to celebrate them in the most amazing way - by throwing a pajama party, of course! Just look at these babes, gallivanting around in their colorful fleece jammies, bleating around with those squeaky voices… Sure, they all do what goats usually do, but watching them in their pajamas makes everything that much more interesting! It is like the feeling is heightened!

Are you in a bad mood? Then this is the perfect mood booster for you. Everything turns for the better the moment you see a baby goat in jammies!