Siberian Husky Gently Plays With A Baby

9 years ago

There are amazing combinations that go great together in this world; sweet and salty, Batman and Robin, summer and barbecues, and even dogs and babies! This video is exactly that - a caring Siberian Husky gently plays with an adorable seven-month-old baby. These two seem to be the best of friends as they continue to play together creating a precious family moment! This is one video that you do not want to miss as you will remember it for a long time!

This video is amazing! It really does show that dogs can be amazing companions that you will remember for the rest of your life! This video was already adorable enough with the dog alone, but then when you add the baby playing with the dog, it creates something even more cute! Talk about a cuteness overload! Do we have to mention how adorable the baby is? They seem like they are having the time of their life playing with their best friend!

These two really do make an adorable duo. Surely the baby loves to play with their buddy a whole lot. Maybe the dog even shares its dog toys with the baby too! It sure seemed that way in this clip! Just look at their peaceful roly-poly game, they both lie on the carpet making the most of their leisure time. The baby, as curious as babies are, wants to get to know its doggy friend better by touching and plucking his fur, pulling onto his tail, placing his little hand in the mouth of the dog. Babies get to know the world around them the best by touch and taste just as this baby does. The good thing is he is not afraid of the dog at all since it is too little to understand the meaning of the word “fear”. We have to say that the dog is extra sensitive with the baby, he knows how to gently handle this cutie pie without hurting it or make it feel endangered. They have such a perfect friendship!

We know that this video is super cute, that’s why we want to show you another one featuring more or less the same combination of actors, a Siberian Husky and a newborn baby with the difference the dog in this video makes the little baby play fetch with him but to no avail. However, this doesn’t make the video less adorable! Look how the pooch tries to nudge at the baby’s foot and it turns out that the dog is trying to get the baby play “fetch” with him. Yes, that’s right! The dog just assumes that his nudging is going to push the baby to get up and throw the ball asking the dog to go and fetch it. Poor dog, if only he knew better. Dear doggie, it’s going to be a year or so before you see the baby get up and start playing with you. We think the dog should be patient another few months and the baby will be ready for the game.

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