Dad Builds The Most Unique Pirate Bedroom Ever

Published February 17, 2015 179,620 Views

Rumble / Fascinating PeopleParents will go above and beyond just to see their children happy. They will do even the impossible only to make their children’s wishes come true. And that is probably one of the main purposes of parenthood. The satisfied smile on your child’s face means world to you and you don’t want anything or anyone to ruin that. The tiny universe of children builds around home life. Home is the safe base, a starting point from where everything else develops gradually. And what is the point of homes if not tailoring it to your own needs? Parents make every necessary alteration just to enjoy in it. And if they can do it for themselves, they can surely adapt it for their children as well.

For some of us, it takes a lifetime just to see our wishes come true. But it is different for Kian. He is one happy child and his wish comes true at the age of 3, for his birthday. His father decides to build him a pirate themed bedroom and he does it successfully. The big birthday surprise first turns into a puzzled expression on Kian’s face when he repeatedly and gently asks: ‘What did you do with my bed?’

At this point he is not sure what he sees, totally bewildered by the sight. As soon as he gets it, Kian starts his ecstatic dash around his home and we can see him act in a most naturally excited way. Pirate’s accessories are everywhere: a ladder, a dusty old lantern, huge wooden keys, ropes, candles, pirate pillows, toys and hammock are some of the ornaments that add to the spirit of the room. There is even a pirate aquarium! It is definitely one of the most original bedrooms ever.