Confused Baby Is Startled By The Lurking Shadow On The Floor

epoddle Published February 4, 2015 13,620 Plays

Rumble / Babies & KidsThis is the funny moment when a cute little baby gets repeatedly scared by the shadow of a moving hand on the ground. Now that's adorable!

When kids are very young, they tend to be scared or a lot of things, from thunder and lightning to bugs and creepy crawlers, and apparently from their own shadow! This hilarious clip of a baby meeting a scary shadow will leave you in tears of joy. You can easily relate to this little baby as when you were younger, surely there was something that scared the living daylights out of you too! Don't worry sweetheart, it can't hurt you!

Shadows are our constant companion who are always following our every move. When little toddlers come across with moving shadow their reaction is almost always priceless! Some kids are confused while others are just very scared of this strange companion!

Here is a precious clip of a confused toddler meeting the scary shadow of a moving hand for the first time, and its reaction is hilarious! Here are some other videos of toddlers seeing shadows for the first time and their reactions are pretty great! What scared you as a kid when you were younger?

Watch as this curious kitten goes up against a human shadow for the very first time. This little kitten is learning about shadows and he is up for a big surprise when he finds out that they are very hard to catch!

Dancing shadows on a wall will prompt cats to run and leap to examine all moving shapes. Especially kittens, very young at age, will be puzzled with the appearance of any form of shadow and will give it a try and go chasing after.

Credit to 'epoddle'.