This Is The Quickest Way To Get An Energetic Puppy To Sleep

Published January 27, 2015 282,136 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThey are exactly like little human babies - puppies love all the play and attention in the world, seemingly unable to get enough of both. It is all fun and games during the day, but what happens when the night falls and everybody just wants to slip in their jammies and get a nice, long sleep? Of course the puppy won’t go to bed! What do you do?

You can beg and drag his butt in the cot, or you can do what user ‘piotrbuchalik’ did with his three-month-old French Bulldog puppy. He and his partner took all of Pixel’s favorite toys and played catch with him for a total of a minute and a half before the little ball of energy finally calmed down and laid down for a nap!

They tried everything. A tennis ball, a rope toy, a rubber chicken, some rawhide, another squeaky toy, a different rope, the tennis ball again, all in the name of some sound sleep! The pup would run back and forth between the two humans, chasing his toys and hoping that he will get lucky and actually catch one for a change. He only caught the tennis ball and that was completely by accident.

For a moment there at the one minute mark it seems Pixel has had it with the elusive toys, as he stands halfway between the two owners. Oh, nope, he was just catching his breath, because not a moment too soon, he darts for the ball again.

Ninety seconds later and Pixel is at the end of his battery, so he just gives up the pursuit of the toys and lays down, in the middle of the halls way, on the marble tiles.

Can this be done with kids as well?

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