Tiny Chihuahua Sleeps On Top Of A Large Great Dane

9 years ago

Great Danes are a large breed of dogs, commonly referred as ‘The Gentle Giants’. They are very friendly and they don’t mind being in the company of some smaller pups. There is only one thing that dogs love more than playing games, and that’s sleeping. These best friends take napping to a new level.

When it’s time to sleep, this tiny Chihuahua named Kizzy loves to nap on top of her bigger sister Dayna. That’s one big and comfortable bed, for sure! Their owner couldn't find Kizzy one night, so when she went searching for her, she saw the most adorable view ever! It seems that the tiny pup loves perching and sleeping on Dayna all the time. No matter where Dayna decides to sleep, Kizzy joins her immediately!

The Great Dane, Dayna provides enough space for Kizzy to sleep on and his pajama-wearing friend weighs so little, not enough to be a burden! There is nothing better than a best friend who will watch your back, but also will keep you warm and cozy during the cold winter nights.

It’s funny how dogs can make friends no matter what their size or color is. These two pups are a true inspiration! Watch this tiny Chihuahua jump up and prepare to sleep on top of her huge friend Dayna. Now that's a pretty big bed! Good thing is that the Dayna isn’t trying to sleep on Kizzy!

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Credit to 'emma_hussey01'.

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