Dog And Duck Become Inseparable Best Friends

Published April 28, 2017 95,979 Views

Rumble A feisty duck has chosen a pretty unusual best friend- a loving golden retriever. Proud duck owner Pam Ishiguro has a flock of seven ducks, but her four-year-old Pekin duck Rudy and Golden Retriever Barclay have formed the strongest bond. The Orange County-based mom said: “The animals are much like my two boys - they have a love-hate relationship. When they are together, somebody is always chasing or jumping on someone else, but when they are apart, they’re always calling for each other."

When the ducks first arrived, Barclay didn't care about them at all, but it all changed when he realized they all have food, too funny! Barclay thinks their food is delicious! He is not a very picky dog, he loves food so much and is always excited to eat a meal. Sometimes he will even steal the duck's food; he always wants more food! Barclay and Rudy are best friends and no one is going to take that away from them! This is too cute!

Even though some people still believe that animals are not capable of having feelings and having friends, so we think that with this heart-breathtakingly and adorable video will show everyone that animals can be best friends with humans and other animals too.

Adorable animal friends are always there for each other as companions, no matter what. Sure, they get into scuffles every now and then, but in the end, there is no other furry creature they’d rather spend their time with!

Animals build you up. People come and go. Animals stay even when people go. That’s why they develop these kinds of unique friendships. Because they are loyal and trustworthy! This friendship is another proof of how animals can have a great time and fantastic relationship no matter how different they are!

Having a best friend is the greatest feeling in the world. The be that super team, the enjoy every day together, share secrets and this dog and duck probably share the same bond!

Personally, we think that there’s nothing cuter than seeing a precious video about animal best friends, but there’s a special place in our hearts for dogs that have friendships with animals of a different species.

A little factor in these kinds of friendships is that dogs are very sociable and accepting. They like to give love and to receive back. We are pretty sure there is a lesson to be learned from our four-legged friends and amazing friendships.

One of the greatest gifts of life is friendship because having a friend who loves you and knows you are priceless. A friend brings out the best in you, who will prove to you that they will be there for you no matter what. Spending the day with your friend is a therapy that no money can buy!

Check out this video of a dog and a duck who become best friends!

Have you ever seen an unlikely duo like these two before? Let us know in the comment section down below!

Videographer / director: Pam Ishiguro
Producer: Hannah Stevens, Ruby Coote
Editor: Sonia Estal

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