Skilled Pianist Can Play 23 Notes Per Second

LordStudioPublished: January 21, 2015334,728 views
Published: January 21, 2015

How rapid can human fingers really move? Some experts consider playing the piano as a very demanding discipline as it requires a big coordination of the fingers. So when it comes to complex muscle orientation, it is musicians that are the super athletes of the world. The guy in this video is about to prove that statement.

The musician in this video obviously reaches and surpasses some world records. His speed of playing the notes is enough to be admired. From the first few seconds of the video, to the very end he seems to know exactly what he’s doing! And there is nothing strange since he plays 23 keys in a second! Just multiply 23 by 60 and the number you get is what we call virtuosity. That’s 1380! Incredible right?

We’ve all heard about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, John Ogdon, Arthur Rubinstein and many more as one of the world’s best pianist ever. Their music is considered as ‘extraordinary’ and no wonder because they were truly masters in the musical world. Since its invention, the piano has been used for the creation of the most emotional classical music known to mankind.

But this guy is definitely not your average pianist. Watch as he displays an incredible talent as he performs 23 notes per second for the second time. The video is filmed in Moscow, Russia. It is so amazing what a level of dedication a person can achieve. What pianist has got the best trills you have heard?

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Credit to 'LordStudio'.

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