Curious Dog Tilts Her Head To Better Grasp The Sound Of Classical Music

Published January 22, 2018 50,977 Views $8.84 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesA funny video has emerged showing the moment when a family dog is exposed to the sound of classical music. Check out how Sophia the Labrador reacts when listening to the BBC Symphony Orchestra performance at the Proms, conducted by Sir Andrew Davis. Are classics music to her ear? She looks like she's a fan!

Reportedly, studies carried out in kennels suggest that classical music calms dogs down, and in response to this type of acoustic stimulation, they bark less and sleep more than usual. But this effect is not generally applied to any piece of classical music or to any type of music.

In addition, the effects of certain types of music on our mood and behaviour deeply vary. Classical music is believed to reduce anxiety, improve the mood, reduce blood pressure and heart rate, improve sleep, reduce the perception of pain, increase the tolerance to unpleasant manipulation, etc. In general, this type of music acts as a moderator in response to stress.

Unlike grunge music which is believed to cause hostility, sadness, tiredness and reduce mental clarity. However, what effect does music have on dogs?

Judging by the reaction of this Labrador, the classical music is very intriguing and pleasing to his ears. Footage shows a pooch relaxing on the ground next to a stereo playing classical music. At first the pooch is ignorant of the sound of the symphony orchestra, but moments later when specific instruments stand out in the piece, making a pitch sound, the dog raises its head and pays close attention to the sound.

Watch how this curious pooch tilts his head to the left and to the right, trying to better catch a sound! Adorable!

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