Speedy Mountain Biker Films Moment When He Nearly Lands On A Cow

nicolasmazzoleniPublished: January 2, 2015Updated: January 5, 201594,558 views
Published: January 2, 2015Updated: January 5, 2015

Mountain biking is great for getting out into the wilderness. You can leave the stinking city behind and immerse yourself in a world of open spaces, green fields and awe-inspiring views. We all go mountain biking to connect with nature, but we never think that there might be an unexpected obstacle along the way. Depending on the speed you are riding at and the type of obstacle, sometimes you might get round it, but sometimes the crash is unavoidable. And sometimes the animals around a trail can be more dangerous than the trail itself. Nature is unpredictable and there are occasions when it fights back against mountain bikers. But not this one in the video.

Anyone who has been riding in the alps will no doubt have been driven mad by the constant tinkling of cowbells. This guy nearly ended up with so much worse however, as he was forced to boost over this cow drinking from a particularly delicious looking puddle. Cows also had an effect on the Hadleigh Farm Olympic venue. The venue’s regeneration ended up costing around 9 million dollars and some of that money went on “grazing infrastructure”, which is the fanciest name for grass we’ve ever heard.

What would you do if you happened across half a ton of raw bovine meat on all its legs, while you ride your bike downhill? Some people might freak out and maybe even spend a few hundreds buying off that meat. Some would probably pull up short, maybe shout a bit and wait for the beast to move on, but not this pro mountain biker. Nicolas Mazzoleni decided to take a different approach when he encountered this one in Les gets, sailing straight over it. He picks up speed on his bike as he heads down a dirt path when he gets airborne from a ramp. However, he did not see what was on the other side! With his GoPro strapped to his helmet he captures some amazing footage as he clears an entire cow. How crazy is that?

Wonder how he would have handled a bear?

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