Funniest Situation From A Driver Parked Too Far From The Pump

Published December 12, 2014 12,445 Plays

Rumble / Funny & WeirdIf you drive a car, then you go to gas stations quite a lot. They are a part of maybe not your everyday life, but at least your weekly life. You probably don’t think all too much about it. Believe it or not, at the gas stations you can see the funniest things. This is one funny situation that you won’t be able to resist not to laugh!

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. You drive up to the gas pump after you’ve waited in line at the gas station, but you went a bit too far in. You get out of the cabin, take the hose and realize the fuel cap is on the wrong side! You can’t go back, a line has formed behind you already and you really need to fuel up. What will you do? This driver in North Olmsted, Ohio has found himself in one such tight situation, but he didn’t break a sweat. Instead, he stretched the fuel hose as far as it can go and shoved it in the tank!

They say that a resourceful man knows to avoid a disadvantageous situation close at hand. This man might not have taken this into consideration, but he sure was resourceful. We hope this video will make your day full of positive energy and laughter as it did for us!