Resourceful Farmer Uses Power Drill To Shuck Corn

NewsflarePublished: December 18, 2017512 views
Published: December 18, 2017

They say idle hands are the devil’s workshop. Working, however tiresome, is good for you, because it keeps both the mind and the body highly engaged. When the work day is over, you feel fulfilled and productive, ready for a good night’s sleep to hit work the next day.

Technology has been a friends to some and an enemy to others. Where some positions have seen an improvement in the performance of the workers with the addition of technology, others have been completely replaced by it. Entire factories can now build an entire product without the use of a single human work hour.

Still, there are workers out there who embrace technology, mainly because it helps them do the exact same job, but many times faster. Imagine having to shuck corn on the cob one ear at a time. It can be tiresome and not very fruitful. Now imagine doing the exact same thing with a power drill and a round metal cutter.

One farmer in China has made his own job a hell of a lot faster, when he decided to mount a power drill upright, place each ear of corn on the drill and, with the help of a metal cutter, shuck them of every last kernel. The video, filmed in Harbin City in northernmost Heilongjiang Province on September 20, shows the man putting corn on the cob on a power drill and using a circle-shaped steel tool to shuck the corn.

Now, mind you, this footage has been looped for consistency purposes, but we do get to see him mount, shuck and unmount a couple of ears in incredible time. Now imagine doing the same thing with TONS of corn. Pretty effective, don’t you think?


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