Sneaky puppy steals toy from distracted baby

ZhemJZPublished: December 7, 2014Updated: December 8, 2014758,995 viewsVirality: 1%
Published: December 7, 2014Updated: December 8, 2014

Puppies and babies are the most common recipe for laughter. The cute combination is everything we need on a gloomy day, or just to give ourselves an instant pick-me-up. Also, we know that toddlers have a very short attention span and do not always keep a close eye on their toys.

The precious puppy in the video took that to his advantage and by using his stealth abilities managed to steal the toy skunk from the distracted baby. As you can see, the baby doesn't mind one bit.

How adorable is seeing two very young creatures just doing cute stuff that will melt your heart. Their family is very blessed and lucky for us – somebody remembered to film and share one of those cherished moments. Too cute!

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