Fearless Pilot Touches Ground With The Plane’s Wing

Published November 22, 2014 1 Plays

Rumble / Stunts & DaredevilsIt's pretty amazing that anyone can fly an airplane in the first place. But for an exceptionally skilled and extremely nervy pilots, plain old straightforward flight isn't thrilling enough. Instead, these pilots are doing exotic mid air maneuvers - loops, rolls, spins, abrupt changes of direction, and even flying straight up like a rocket. These tricks are so gravity-defying that even birds would be envious.

This type of flying is called aerobatics, and it's almost as old as the airplane itself. In fact, the very first aerobatic flyers were Orville and Wilbur Wright, the two men who invented the airplane itself. Aerobatics soon morphed into hair-raising, daredevil entertainment for spectators at county fairs and air shows. And it's now evolved into an established international sport, with rules and regulations and records.

The director of aerobatic flight team 'Escuadrilla Argentina de Acrobacia Aerea', also known as 'Hangar del Cielo', pulls off an extremely dangerous low pass stunt in Argentina as he manages to touch the ground with his plane's wing. Check it out! This is the incredible moment a stunt pilot flies just metres away from the ground. Hangar Del Cielo, who is the leader of an Argentinian aerobatic team, skillfully completes the dangerous stunt. A 20-second clip shows his boldness as he carries out the amazing manoeuvre, which is amazing!

The brave pilot amazingly manages to keep the aircraft closely off the ground for a few seconds before reverting back to normal. The clip ends as the aircraft resumes normal flight high in the air above ground. It takes a very skilled stunt pilot to be able to remain calm and reassures everyone watching him while he successfully scrapes the field with the wing of his plane. That's why this is a very incredible moment to witness. To an untrained eye, it looks like the plane comes very close to crashing as it swerves and totally leans on one side.
Though it might seems to us that there is some jostling, the plane doesn’t come anywhere close to crashing. For example, you may have noticed that the plane tilts to its left just before it goes up in the air again. However, stunt pilots are trained to undertake dangerous manoeuvres like this one and sometimes even much more scary.

Take a look at this dramatic video showing a plane being blown from side to side by an intense wind as it descends onto the runway at Schipol Airport. Despite the extreme gusts, the pilot manages to keep his nerves and brings the aircraft to the runway safely using a technique known as 'crosswind landing’. For nervous flyers, crosswind landings can be terrifying, but pilots receive thorough training on how to perform them. An aircraft enthusiast has captured the plane in the scary landing it performs. Winds get very high in Amsterdam, making the landing tricky for pilots.The aircraft wobbles on the approach and comes in at an angle to keep the plane on course.

After landing, the plane swerves violently to try and stay centres on the tarmac. The strong wind affects the flight and makes the landing particularly hazardous for the pilot. Despite the scary swaying as they come into land, the pilot touches ground safely.