Plane Struck By Severe Winds Makes An Incredible Landing

Published July 29, 2015 332,390 Plays

Rumble / Airplane IncidentsWho would ever think about flying in or around severe weather? Although we’d like to say we would never fly in the worst of conditions, sometimes it is inevitable. No matter how well you prepare for a flight, there is one thing even an organized traveler can’t control: Mother Nature. She will exact her wrath when she feels like it, and she won’t be reasoned with. A KLM pilot (flying an Embraer 190) pulls off an incredibly terrifying landing while touching down at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, Netherlands during an intense storm.

This dramatic video shows the plane being blown from side to side by an intense wind as it descends onto the runway at Schipol Airport. Despite the extreme gusts, the pilot manages to keep his nerves and brings the aircraft to the runway safely using a technique known as 'crosswind landing’. For nervous flyers, crosswind landings can be terrifying, but pilots receive thorough training on how to perform them.

As the nail-biting clip begins, the storm blows the plane with so much force that it almost spins it right around because Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport is engulfed by ferocious crosswinds. The video captured from the Amsterdam airport shows the hair-raising landing of the plane that battled the severe winds. The plane is rocked from side to side as it comes in for an extremely rocky touchdown. The plane pivoted sideways as it comes closer to the tarmac. It then scoots down on its back wheels before eventually bringing down the front as well.

An aircraft enthusiast has captured the plane in the scary landing it performs. Winds get very high in Amsterdam, making the landing tricky for pilots.The aircraft wobbles on the approach and comes in at an angle to keep the plane on course.

After landing, the plane swerves violently to try and stay centres on the tarmac. The strong wind affects the flight and makes the landing particularly hazardous for the pilot. Despite the scary swaying as they come into land, the pilot touches ground safely.

These occurrences are quite common all over the world; remember, planes glide on air currents and since they are not always a smooth mass, turbulence makes the plane sway, even so close to the ground. That is why pilot receive detailed training about landing procedures and use their skills day in and day out. High winds may be inconvenient, but they are not dangerous, even when they come across the runway.

Every pilot trains in landing at crosswind conditions, while also practicing to the airplane’s limits in a simulator. On the other hand, every new aircraft, certified to carry passengers, comes with a published crosswind limit, which is determined by a test pilot during the certification process.

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  • LagrangeL4, 2 years ago

    Re "incredibly terrifying", "incredibly terrifying" to WHO? I wasn't particularly terrified, and I doubt anyone on the plane was either. This is just another landing with gusting crosswinds. And no, the weather is not particularly "stormy", just a little rainy with a light but gusting crosswind. I recommend changing your title to "KLM Pilot Executes Challenging Landing In Gusting Crosswind". That would be much more accurate and much less click-bait-y.

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    • SuzieQ, 2 years ago

      But it got you to click on their link, and that was likely their plan!

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  • Jenny, 2 years ago

    Landing at Dallas/Ft. Worth airport, our plane was hit with a wind-shear and the right wing nearly hit the ground. The pilot's quick reflexes corrected the plane for a safe landing. God bless him!

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