Plane struck by severe winds pulls off incredible landing

pendragon27Published: July 29, 2015Updated: July 4, 2018673,970 views
Published: July 29, 2015Updated: July 4, 2018

No matter how well you prepare for a flight, there is one thing even an organized traveler can’t control: Mother Nature. She will exact her wrath when she feels like it, and she won’t be reasoned with. A KLM pilot (flying an Embraer 190) pulls off an incredibly terrifying landing while touching down at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, Netherlands during an intense storm.

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    LagrangeL4 · 1 year ago

    Re "incredibly terrifying", "incredibly terrifying" to WHO? I wasn't particularly terrified, and I doubt anyone on the plane was either. This is just another landing with gusting crosswinds. And no, the weather is not particularly "stormy", just a little rainy with a light but gusting crosswind. I recommend changing your title to "KLM Pilot Executes Challenging Landing In Gusting Crosswind". That would be much more accurate and much less click-bait-y.

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      SuzieQ · 1 year ago

      But it got you to click on their link, and that was likely their plan!

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    Jenny · 1 year ago

    Landing at Dallas/Ft. Worth airport, our plane was hit with a wind-shear and the right wing nearly hit the ground. The pilot's quick reflexes corrected the plane for a safe landing. God bless him!