Himalayan Bull Tahrs Blend Well With New Zealand's West Coast Landscape

Published November 20, 2014 1,153,743 Views

Rumble / Funny & WeirdAs kids, we all loved the eye spy types of games. Whether it was actually playing eye spy in the car during a long road trip or reading our favorite 'Where's Waldo?' the book, we really did love those games! This video seems to have taken that game idea and raised it to a whole new level! While hunting Himalayan bull tahr on New Zealand's rugged West Coast, user 'brettlangford' filmed a sight that has to be seen to be believed! This is one mesmerizing video that you do not want to miss!

This is one strange clip! At the start, you could only maybe see a few of these animals but as they start to run away, they appear out of places that you had no idea they were hiding there! There are so many of them! Good luck counting them all as they move in a split second! Who knew that bull tahr could be so much fun to watch?

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While on New Zealand's rough west coast, Brett Langford taped a scene that must be believed to be accepted. It shows up this video was first transferred in 2009, however, it's making the Internet adjusts once more. Bratt told us that he made this video with his friend when on his third day when they were watching a mob of Himalayan bull tahr feeds. He said that the bulls had bedded down for some "R&R" when Brett's friend "put a shot over their head hoping to 'encourage' them" to come out of hiding.

At the point when the animals heard the shot, they sprang from their hidden spots and dashed down the hill. It’s pretty cool once you look back at the video after you see it for the first time you start to see more animals in the video. How many times did you watch the video?

You'll be astounded when they jump up and keep running off the hill. The New Zealand hunter stumbled upon these creatures playing hide and seek. Luckily for them, he utilized his camcorder rather than his firearm to shoot them.

This isn't a trick photography or some sort of set-up. These creatures are extremely good at hiding and you can see that for yourself.

Tahrs are species of large Asian artiodactyl ungulates related to the wild goat. During the day bull tahr tend to rest, frequently well above vegetation line among rocky outcrops before dropping to encouraging territories in mid to late evening. The night is spent at the lower levels before returning up to the higher height restring locales. They are not really active animals. So they can be spotted at the same location in mornings and afternoons.

Can you spot the animals in this video? How many did you count? Let us know down in the comments!


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