There's A Huge Snake In This Photo, And We Dare You To Find It

Published October 20, 2017 1,775,352 Views

Rumble Can you spot the gigantic snake hiding in this photo that is driving everyone crazy! Have you found it yet? Don’t give up! A giant snake is hiding in plain sight in this backyard, and you cannot see it? Schedule your eye examination appointment soon!

This photo was shared on Facebook by Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7, an organization that helps Australians remove snakes from their homes and backyards. They shared the picture to highlight how tough their job is, but their Facebook followers played a strangely enjoyable game of “Where’s Waldo”, obviously with a snake instead of Waldo.

The Snake Catcher 24/7 - Sunshine Coast started out as a Facebook page and a hobby and has turned into one of the largest snake catching company's in Queensland. This local business servicing residents and businesses cover the entire Sunshine Coast and offer snake and all reptile species removal and relocation services. 

Due to the large range of suitable habitats and great climate, the Sunshine Coast is home to many species of reptiles including around 20 species of snakes, most of which are venomous! Snakes will often enter homes in search of shelter, food and warmth, so if you experience this problem be sure to give a call to these guys.

So did you see the big reptile lurking from the tree in the top right corner?

Actually, these sorts of videos and hidden objects games are not invented for entertainment purposes. They are actually based on tests and training psychological assessments that were invented and developed by practitioners to determine the rate and the level of development of cognitive processes in children and adults. The younger the children were, the more these tests were modeled as play activities. But, the manner the tests were being administered, conducted, and timed, as well as the choice of objects that need to be discovered by the test subject.

The concept of the game is set as follows: an interactional partner activates the frame of the "game", the subject reacts to the activity set (we cannot say running as it is still photography) in the foreground. The brain needs to quickly assess and distinguish various shapes and colorations in the foreground and orient itself, using the cues provided towards a right-or-wrong interpretation. Here comes the element of play: distinguishing and assessing between a great number of nicely blended shapes, textures and colors awaken the center in the brain that is responsible for, to put it in layman's' terms "exploration and invention". This is why, statistics show, people who have watched the video and were in the good mood showed better results than those who watched the video after experiencing some sort of stressful situation.

How did you go?

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