Guy Performs An Awesome Basketball Trick On A Trampoline

Published November 6, 2014 1 Plays

Rumble / Trick ShotsMeet Kevin Libertowski! He is a 17-year-old boy from Ohio and he has the most amazing basketball tricks! He spent years perfecting his unbelievable repertoire of basketball trick shots in his back garden at home in Cleveland, Ohio. This video will show you one of the amazing basketball tricks!

A basketball trick shot from a backyard trampoline involving multiple flips and a twist. It resulted in one epic basket, check it out! He jumps a couple of times on the trampoline and after that, he makes a twist and shoots the basket! And you know what? It a success! It’s so mesmerizing to watch this video!

Kevin's has flaunted his skills on the social media, including difficult long-distance shots, making tricky shots from a back or front flip and hitting the objective from a trampoline.

High school student Kevin said: 'I began building up my aerobatic skills by teaching myself an assortment of flips and proceeds onward the trampoline.

'At that point, once I had aced that trap, I'd do them on the ground. 'My first video got hundreds of thousands of views, so I decided to make more videos of other shots just like it.' So incredible!

His basketball tricks are so amazing! His videos have been featured on ESPN, MTV, HBO, ABC and many more! He improves his skills everyday bu learning something new, he tries new things and he always makes sure his tricks are amazing to be watched and they are absolutely amazing!

This shot is a perfect combination of skill at the beginning and luck at the end. The trampoline flip portion of the video is a backflip 360 (full) to a knee frontflip then throwing a full-sized basketball to a 10-foot hoop over 60 feet away. After dozens of close calls, it took a little bit of holiday magic to finally get this one to fall.

Anything is possible in life as long as you don't give up and continue to follow your goal it will come true! Bet you haven't seen an NBA player pull off this before! Watch as an artist manages to execute a perfect "frontflip to round-off to backflip to hoop" trick shot!

And if you thought that this trick is impressive wait till you see this amazing trick! He makes two basketball enter the hoop in unison mid trampoline stunt!

You have never seen something like this before! Check out this video as Kevin Libertowski performs a trampoline shot involving two flips and two basketballs and passes with flying colors! How many attempts do you think this took to pull off? How did he manage to pull something off so amazing! Two flips, two basketballs, one epic shot, and a unison score! Voila!

Have you done any cool trick shots before? Kevin Libertowski sure did pull off an amazing trampoline trick shot involving multiple flips and basketballs and proved that he really is something, given his unique and awesome skills! The next NBA star is born! So mesmerizing!