Boy With Williams Syndrome Forms Incredible Bond With Young Horse

This beautiful first encounter between a child and horse will definitely warm your heart. Erez is a young boy from Israel who suffers from Williams syndrome. Individuals with the disorder are extremely friendly and have high empathy for others, but also suffer from developmental delays which lead to social issues. In this instance you'll see an incredible bond form between Erez and a young horse. Watch as the horse becomes attentive to Erez's movements and even allows the child to cuddle beside him!

When Erez met the gentle giant for the first time, he looks incredibly shy, which uncharacteristic, even with his condition. Have you ever been that close to a big animal and at such a fragile age? However, the boy soon warms up to the stallion and snuggles closer to the horse. The joy that beams on his face is all we needed to see today.

Williams syndrome is a disability that affects one in 10,000 people throughout the world. People of all ages with this syndrome are very social and trusting, to a point where becomes concerning, especially for young children. The syndrome can also be associated with many physical problems, such as major cardiovascular defects, heightened blood calcium levels, blood vessel problems, dental abnormalities, hernias, kidney abnormalities, among other concerns that require lifelong health monitoring.

Erez will probably face many blockades in his life, but with a spirit and personality like that, they will be his guiding light. Remarkable!

Song: Amy Guess - Shoulder.

Credit to 'roniabdu1978'.

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