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Tamed Horses Share Incredible Bond With Human Friend

The bond and mutual trust between horses and humans is absolutely amazing! Here's a great example showing how special it can really be.

With their 1000 pounds, who knew that a horse could prove to be gentle giants? The two brown beasts can be seen frolicking with their owner right there in the dirt, hugging and kissing with her like she is one of their own.

Horses have been part of human life since the beginning of time, either as workers or as athletes, but most recently they have been introduced as therapists as well. Equestrian therapy was first introduced in 1946 in Scandinavia during the vast outbreak of poliomyelitis, a neuromuscular debilitating disease. Since then, horses have been used for emotional and physical therapy to reinforce the rider’s muscle tone, socialization and communication skills development, building trust, and to improve a person’s fine motor skills, gait and balance, as well as hand-eye coordination.

When this video surfaced on the Internet, people have been both touched by the deep bond between this woman and her animals, while others have found themselves thoroughly disgusted by the way they share kisses. Since the woman is living with them, we are sure that she has all the necessary support she needs to live the life she chooses, but no matter the circumstances, we here sure envy her on her friends.

Credit to 'Showisi'.

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