Eagle-Eyed Person Spotted A Strange Object Next To A Jet Plane Trail

AudioColorWorld Published October 23, 2014 103 Plays

Rumble / Weird MysteriesWhether it is UFOs or creatures never before seen, it seems like humankind just can’t get enough of a good mystery. Both regular people and conspiracy theorists alike, all over the world, have been posting video of sightings that look too real to diss, but thank goodness for the rest of the Internet, right?

There have been sightings of Bigfoot, the occasional alien and the hundreds upon hundreds of clips showing a UFO sighting. The flying objects spotted in those clips are different every time. Sometimes they are spherical, other times flat; sometimes round, others triangular. Also, they all seem to have the default features we all know and love from sci-fi movies - the vessels are silver, shiny, they always have some sort of flashing lights on them and they gyrate in any direction and never leave any trace behind.

Also, why is it that all of these videos are so grainy, that it is barely discernible what is it we are seeing anyway? The only video we have seen where the shape of the flying object in the sky is the one shot in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, where the skies were clear and the person shooting thought of taking a decent camera to shoot the object that was gyrating above.

When we saw this clip, we couldn’t help but exclaim out loud: what were you thinking? At first, the only thing we can see is the trail that a jet plane leave behind. Then, we get a really zoomed up piece of the trail and some kind of white spot near it. What is that supposed to prove?

We will leave it to the professionals. Anyone got the number for Mulder and Scully?