People Spot A Strange Object Gyrating In The Sky Above Alabama

Published October 7, 2014 515 Plays

Rumble / Weird MysteriesWhether it is UFOs or mystery creatures, it seems like humankind just can’t get enough of a good mystery. Both regular people and conspiracy theorists alike, all over the world, have been posting videos of sightings that look too real to diss, but thanks goodness for the rest of the Internet, right?

Take this piece of footage, for example. A civilian took a clip of what looks like a strange object flying in the sky. It is silver in color, with a spherical shape and a ring that is gyrating around it. The outer ring gyrates for some time, then stop but the object keep moving in the sky. All of a sudden, the ring starts gyrating again, only this time in the opposite direction.

As the flying object moves from clear sky to below some thick clouds, its shape become clearer. It comes to a slow halt, the ring stops gyrating and then swoosh, it flies up into the cloud, never to be seen again.

One thing we absolutely need to know. How come when these flying objects fly through clouds, they never leave any disturbance in the thick mist? Also, how come no one seems to be noticing them in these clips, only the person who is recording them? Also, they all seem to have the default features we all know and love from sci-fi movies - the vessels are silver, shiny, they always have some sort of flashing lights on them, the gyrate in any direction and never leave any trace behind?

Oh well, such are the demands of the gods of the Internet...