Little girl plays hide and seek with giant dog

SamsonAndSebastianPublished: October 7, 2014Updated: October 10, 20144,199,052 views
Published: October 7, 2014Updated: October 10, 2014

Every person that has had a dog growing up can tell you with utmost certainty that they had the best childhood ever! Pets in general can teach young kids about responsibility, care, respect and fair play, but dogs are on the top of this list!
When a kid decides to play hide and seek with their dog, it usually means a one-sided operation. Dog can find you by your scent, you know!

But when this girl decides to play hide-and-seek with her mellow Newfoundland dog Sebastian, he takes his role very seriously!
"Stay puppy, stay" pleads the girl and the big black pooch waits for her cue. It seems she manages to outsmart big ol' Sebastian by hiding in her little back yard, because once she yells "I'm ready!" he jumps on his feet and runs up and down the yard to find his friend.

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