Curious Baby Owls Investigate Camera Lens

Published September 25, 2014 3,964,826 Views

Owls are spectacular creatures. Everything about them is wickedly beautiful - their eyes, the way their bodies move...They are just spectacular to watch, but that can sometimes prove to be a challenge.

Owls are also quite curious creatures; one might say they are as curious as cats! That is the reason why Sebastien Barrio decided to set up a GoPro camera on a tree, right under an owl’s nest and he managed to film one of the most spectacular owl encounters ever recorded!

We see the mother as she flies down on the tree just above the nest and she notices the weird contraption at the door. Seeing as how still owl can be, at first we thought the footage might be buggy, but just give her a few seconds to process what she is seeing.

She flies down and stops at the opening of the hole in the tree to stare deep into the lens of the camera with her big yellow eyes! Isn’t she glorious? Then she turns towards the nest and we see something moving inside - babies!

When the mother flies off, the two babies come out and start staring down at the camera with childlike curiosity. One of the starts screeching and slowly comes closer and closer and then BAM! Pecks the lens! Good thing GoPros are made for such treatment.

It is like you can almost see gears moving in their necks as their determine whether this intruder is friend, foe and food.

Credit to Sebastien Barrio.

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