Playing With Lion Cub Is Less Exciting Than Playing With A Kitten

Published September 20, 2014 3,325 Plays $9.16 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsAsk anyone who owns a cat how they feel about their furbaby and they all will tell you the same. They are the most manipulative, hypocritical, tyrannical beings that will stop at nothing to step all over your face, steal your stuff and hide it under the furniture. We love our cats to bits, even when they scratch our shoes and leave their hair all over our freshly pressed clothes.

We wish they would never grow up, and stay tiny little kittens forever! With that analogy, it is only natural to assume that playing with a lion cub would be about 100 times the fun! They are still little cats and playing is a way of them learning about life. Wouldn’t that be exciting?

As it would seen, the answer is no. Natalia Cara is a 27-year-old biologist, traveller and adventurer from Brazil. On one of her travels, she got to hang out with a young lioness called Jelani. Analogous to the games we play with our kittens, Natalia used a piece of stick to urge the tiny lion into play.

Natalia drags the stick on the kitten’s fur, scratches with it on the rock in the back. Jelani shows minimum amount of interest for the curious object, following it with her big yellow eyes. But she is resting in the shade and couldn’t care less about what this human wants.

Chewing a stick might have been Jelani’s favorite game when she was younger, but now she would much rather chase a small pray around the planes.