Making rescued cheetahs run!50s

Making rescued cheetahs run!

We all know that cheetahs are the fastest land mammals on the planet, but when they have to live in captivity, they don't do much running. To make sure that these rescued cheetahs get some exercise, their caretakers make then chase a piece of cloth, like you would do to a house cat, only much faster! But, just like all of us, they can be a bit lazy, sometimes.

Cute Baby Ocelot Loves Suckling Caretaker's Fingers35s

Cute Baby Ocelot Loves Suckling Caretaker's Fingers

Babies are adorable little creatures and there is no greater joy than watching a baby. A baby can make melt even the toughest heart. What makes a baby tug at our heartstrings? A baby has only one description. Cute! We are not only talking about babies in the world of humans but animal babies also make the cutest pictures. Take this baby ocelot for instance. It is such an adorable cub that was rescued when she was a little fur ball, and had to be hand-raised, but she takes the "hand" part very literally and loves nothing more than to suckle her caretaker's fingers, and would happily do it all day long! This baby belongs to the cat species and it is arguably one of the most beautiful among them. She is a real example of a newborn baby since her big eyes remain closed during the whole video and all she ever does is suckle her caretaker’s fingers. It’s an innate behavior in mammals and it is a way to soothe and keep her relaxed and it expresses the need to feel secure. Her short, sleek fur is grey and it is marked with both solid black spots and open, dark-centered rosettes, which often run in parallel chains along the side of the body. Ocelot is also known as the “painted leopard” and it is twice the size of an average house cat, but significantly smaller than the “real leopard”. Its is a nocturnal animal that spends its days sleeping and in order to be able to hunt during the night, it has an excellent hearing and vision, and communicate with other ocelots in a low-pitched meows. They hunt their prey mostly on the ground.

Wild ostrich mating ritual2m21s

Wild ostrich mating ritual

We've all seen ostriches dancing in Disney's Fantasia, but did you know that they dance in real life as well? Watch this both beautiful and funny dance that is the ostrich mating ritual... if only the male didn't run away in the end...

Rescued jaguarundi wants to befriend caretaker51s

Rescued jaguarundi wants to befriend caretaker

This beautiful and unusual wild cat had to be rescued and rehabilitated. He is humanized, which means that he is used to people, but he is not tame. He won't bite anyone, but he also doesn't let anyone approach him or pet him. The big surprise was when he decided to approach the carer, wanting to befriend her, even though he was still pretending not to care! Animals are so interesting!

Golden Parakeet simply adores head scratches1m03s

Golden Parakeet simply adores head scratches

Unlike many parrots and other psitacids, who often only like one person and are very aggressive towards others, this rescued Golden Parakeet is very friendly and sweet to all of those she meets, and loves nothing more than getting some attention and, of course, a good scratch on her head!

Wild Oryx races alongside speeding car1m09s

Wild Oryx races alongside speeding car

During a trip to Namibia, in Southern Africa, this tourist caught incredible footage of a wild Oryx who decided to run along their speeding vehicle. That's definitely an unforgettable moment!

Rescued cheetah enjoying  lunchtime41s

Rescued cheetah enjoying lunchtime

This cheetah had to be rescued and now lives at a wildlife sanctuary. The best part about, is getting fed without having to work for it... isn't that the dream?!

Rescued baby baboon grooms caretaker56s

Rescued baby baboon grooms caretaker

This adorable baby baboon had to be rescued when it was still very little. But baboons are social animals, which means that they love being around their carers, and grooming is one of the most important part of creating a bond.

Rescued cheetah having lunch45s

Rescued cheetah having lunch

This beautiful cheetah was rescued when he was just a little cub, and in spite of never being able to return to the wild, he is now living the life!

Scorpion glowing in the UV light53s

Scorpion glowing in the UV light

If you want to find scorpions, go out at night with a UV light and look for anything glowing. No one has discovered, yet, why is it that scorpions glow under the UV light, even though there are theories, but we can all agree that it makes it perfect for us to observe them, especially because the UV light doesn't bother them at all, so they maintain they normal behavior.

Adorable rescued baby baboons groom each other1m00s

Adorable rescued baby baboons groom each other

These adorable baby baboons lost their mothers, so now they have to live at a wildlife sanctuary; but baboons are social animals, which means that they make friends with the other rescued babies, and grooming is one of the most important part of that relationship.

Rescued cheetahs show each other some love28s

Rescued cheetahs show each other some love

These siblings had to be rescued at a very early age and now have to live at a wildlife sanctuary. Cheetahs are not as social as lions, but they can still show each other some affection, every once in a while.

Playful baby baboons17s

Playful baby baboons

These baby baboons are orphaned and had to be rescued, but in spite of their sad start to life, they like nothing better than to play!

Walking With Elephants In Zimbabwe Is A Magical Experience30s

Walking With Elephants In Zimbabwe Is A Magical Experience

These beautiful gentle giants live in a reserve where they don't need to worry about poachers, so they sleep in night pens for protection. When the day comes, their handlers take them on walks, where they can roam around the property and browse all they want. There's nothing like walking side by side with these amazing creatures! Elephants in Zimbabwe are still the center of attention for ivory poachers. In June this year, 10 individuals, including a mother and her young calf, have been found poisoned and their tusks hacked off by poachers. A bucket of poison was found close by. The poachers use a dilute sodium cyanide solution and, in some cases, paraquat, a powerful agricultural herbicide that is extremely toxic to humans as well as other animals. Roxy Danckwerts, founder of Zimbabwe Elephant Nursery, ended up with kidney and lung failure last year after handling two elephant calves that had been poisoned with paraquat in Hwange. The first known case of elephant poisoning in Zimbabwe was a single massacre of over 100 elephants in Hwange national park in 2013. Since then it has become a common means of poaching – not only in Hwange but throughout the country’s protected areas, including the Zambezi valley and Gonarezhou national park.

Black Jaguar Cub Loves To Play With Caretaker36s

Black Jaguar Cub Loves To Play With Caretaker

This little baby might be only a month and half, and still very clumsy, but he sure loves to practice his predator skills on the people who take care of him! Watch out for the cuteness monster! Black jaguars, despite some belief, aren’t actually black. Their fur appears black because of the excess of a pigment called melanin, although is you look closely (in pictures, not in person!) you will be able to notice the spots. These cats may appear big and intimidating, but in essence they are not the natural born killers we all are taught to believe. The internet is swarmed with videos of big cats interacting and playing with humans, as if they were family. The black jaguar was considered a separate species by indigenous peoples. English naturalist W. H. Hudson wrote: “... in the hot region the Indians recognise three strongly marked varieties, which they regard as distinct species – the one described; the smaller jaguar, less aquatic in his habits and marked with spots, not rings; and, thirdly, the black variety. They scout the notion that their terrible "black tiger" is a mere melanic variation, like the black leopard of the Old World and the wild black rabbit. They regard it as wholly distinct, and affirm that it is larger and much more dangerous than the spotted jaguar; that they recognize it by its cry; that it belongs to the terra firma rather than to the water-side; finally, that black pairs with black, and that the cubs are invariably black."

Adorable orphaned baboon wants attention36s

Adorable orphaned baboon wants attention

Many baby baboons unfortunately lose their mothers, so they're rescued and raised at the wildlife sanctuary. Baboons are social animals, though, and the babies love attention! Look how adorable this one is!