Scorpion glowing in the UV light53s

Scorpion glowing in the UV light

If you want to find scorpions, go out at night with a UV light and look for anything glowing. No one has discovered, yet, why is it that scorpions glow under the UV light, even though there are theories, but we can all agree that it makes it perfect for us to observe them, especially because the UV light doesn't bother them at all, so they maintain they normal behavior.

Published: November 23, 2017Updated: November 24, 2017
Adorable coati can't resist a tummy scratch1m03s

Adorable coati can't resist a tummy scratch

Coatis belong to the Procyonidae family, just like the very well-known raccoon, and had a similar personality, which means that they are always exploring, climbing and causing trouble, while looking for food and thinking they own the place. This particular coati is no different. He used to be kept as a pet, so he is used to humans, but that doesn't mean he is like a dog; he likes to climbing on people and search every inch of them in look of something interesting, but he won't come to your lap for you to pet him; but every once in a while, not even he can resist a tummy scratch, and completely surrenders, looking like the most adorable of animals!

Adorable rescued baby baboons groom each other1m00s

Adorable rescued baby baboons groom each other

These adorable baby baboons lost their mothers, so now they have to live at a wildlife sanctuary; but baboons are social animals, which means that they make friends with the other rescued babies, and grooming is one of the most important part of that relationship.

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Adorable black jaguar cub is a messy eater44s

Adorable black jaguar cub is a messy eater

Unfortunately, this adorable black jaguar cub has to be hand-raised, and since he is still very young, that means getting bottle-fed, but he always makes a mess when trying to drink, and gets milk all over himself! In spite of black cats being often known as "black panther", that is a general name that can be applied to more than one species; this one is a jaguar (Panthera onca), but the difference between him and regular jaguars is that he has melanism, a condition that makes him have an excessive production of melanin, which gives him a dark coloration and makes him look like he is black.

Rescued cheetahs show each other some love28s

Rescued cheetahs show each other some love

These siblings had to be rescued at a very early age and now have to live at a wildlife sanctuary. Cheetahs are not as social as lions, but they can still show each other some affection, every once in a while.

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Rescued manatee uses brother's face as pacifier!24s

Rescued manatee uses brother's face as pacifier!

It is very rare, but every once in a while, twin manatees are born. These two were found beached, when they were still very little, and had to be rescued. Now they are big babies, but are still inseparable! Manatees' vibrissae, the hairs around their mouths, help them feel the world around them, so they use their mouths to explore, but in doing so, this adorable manatee discovered in his brother's face, the perfect pacifier! So funny!

Greedy otters want more fish21s

Greedy otters want more fish

These are rescued Neotropical Otters, and unfortunately need to live in captivity, but that makes their life very easy, being handed food every day, twice day... and it also makes them greedy! They know they get a certain amount of fish, each time, which makes them not satisfied with the fish they already have! They beg for more already having a fish in their mouths! Otters are hilarious!

Playful baby baboons17s

Playful baby baboons

These baby baboons are orphaned and had to be rescued, but in spite of their sad start to life, they like nothing better than to play!

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Walking With Elephants In Zimbabwe Is A Magical Experience30s

Walking With Elephants In Zimbabwe Is A Magical Experience

These beautiful gentle giants live in a reserve where they don't need to worry about poachers, so they sleep in night pens for protection. When the day comes, their handlers take them on walks, where they can roam around the property and browse all they want. There's nothing like walking side by side with these amazing creatures! Elephants in Zimbabwe are still the center of attention for ivory poachers. In June this year, 10 individuals, including a mother and her young calf, have been found poisoned and their tusks hacked off by poachers. A bucket of poison was found close by. The poachers use a dilute sodium cyanide solution and, in some cases, paraquat, a powerful agricultural herbicide that is extremely toxic to humans as well as other animals. Roxy Danckwerts, founder of Zimbabwe Elephant Nursery, ended up with kidney and lung failure last year after handling two elephant calves that had been poisoned with paraquat in Hwange. The first known case of elephant poisoning in Zimbabwe was a single massacre of over 100 elephants in Hwange national park in 2013. Since then it has become a common means of poaching – not only in Hwange but throughout the country’s protected areas, including the Zambezi valley and Gonarezhou national park.

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Black Jaguar Cub Loves To Play With Caretaker36s

Black Jaguar Cub Loves To Play With Caretaker

This little baby might be only a month and half, and still very clumsy, but he sure loves to practice his predator skills on the people who take care of him! Watch out for the cuteness monster! Black jaguars, despite some belief, aren’t actually black. Their fur appears black because of the excess of a pigment called melanin, although is you look closely (in pictures, not in person!) you will be able to notice the spots. These cats may appear big and intimidating, but in essence they are not the natural born killers we all are taught to believe. The internet is swarmed with videos of big cats interacting and playing with humans, as if they were family. The black jaguar was considered a separate species by indigenous peoples. English naturalist W. H. Hudson wrote: “... in the hot region the Indians recognise three strongly marked varieties, which they regard as distinct species – the one described; the smaller jaguar, less aquatic in his habits and marked with spots, not rings; and, thirdly, the black variety. They scout the notion that their terrible "black tiger" is a mere melanic variation, like the black leopard of the Old World and the wild black rabbit. They regard it as wholly distinct, and affirm that it is larger and much more dangerous than the spotted jaguar; that they recognize it by its cry; that it belongs to the terra firma rather than to the water-side; finally, that black pairs with black, and that the cubs are invariably black.”

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Adorable orphaned baboon wants attention36s

Adorable orphaned baboon wants attention

Many baby baboons unfortunately lose their mothers, so they're rescued and raised at the wildlife sanctuary. Baboons are social animals, though, and the babies love attention! Look how adorable this one is!

Rescued baby oryx getting bottle-fed15s

Rescued baby oryx getting bottle-fed

This little oryx (also known as gemsbok) lost his mother, so now he needs to be hand-raised at a wildlife sanctuary, where he gets bottle-fed with a special formula made just for him. Isn't he cute?!

Young Leopard Happily Plays On Tire Swing, Just Like The Little Kitten That She Is57s

Young Leopard Happily Plays On Tire Swing, Just Like The Little Kitten That She Is

This one-year-old leopard loves nothing more than to just hang on her tire swing. Did you know that these animals love to play even though we happen to know them as extremely vicious and dangerous? Have you heard the song "Little Leopard on the Swing" by Khachaturian, this video will sure make the best intro for it! Take a look for yourself as this adorable cat sways on the tree. Leopards are solitary creatures that only spend time with others when they are mating or raising young. They are also nocturnal and spend their nights hunting instead of sleeping. Also, leopards are skilled climbers, and like to rest in the branches of trees during the day. This fellow is no different! They may be fierce, fast and fur-ocious, but sometimes they just want to play! Watch how this cute little leopard enjoys his alone time on the tire swing and plays happily with his tail. Leopards spend a lot of their time in trees. Their spotted coat camouflages them, making them blend in with the leaves of the tree. This cute leopard doesn't know that he is a big cats and acts like a little baby, swinging and swaying in her safe place. After watching this video, you may consider adopting one as your pet!

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Rescued baby baboon grooming time!46s

Rescued baby baboon grooming time!

A big part of baboons' social interactions is grooming, and these rescued baby absolutely love it! It's hard to say whether this is more adorable or funny!!

Published: September 21, 2017Updated: September 22, 201755 views
Young rescued Kudu loves to eat hair!25s

Young rescued Kudu loves to eat hair!

This 1-year-old Greater Kudu is very friendly, but he is so comfortable around people that he thinks it's ok to chew on their hair! Kudu saliva is good for the hair, right?!

Orphaned baboons look after each other25s

Orphaned baboons look after each other

Both of these baboons are rescued babies, and have lost their mothers. The oldest one, is spite of still being very young, feels like it's her job to look after the little one! Aren't they cute?!

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Bottle-feeding a rescued hartebeest30s

Bottle-feeding a rescued hartebeest

This baby antelope was rescued, and now needs to be bottle-fed at the wildlife sanctuary, and she loves getting her bottles! Isn't she cute?!

Published: August 31, 2017Updated: September 1, 201780 views
Rescued baby manatee gets bottle-fed1m14s

Rescued baby manatee gets bottle-fed

There is nothing cuter or more peaceful than watching a baby manatee drink milk. At 3 month of age, this little guy still has a lot of growing to do and gets bottle-fed several times of day, with a formula prepared especially for him. Hopefully someday he will be able to return to the ocean!

Published: August 29, 2017Updated: August 30, 20174,668 views
Adorable rescued baboon loves to play in the water!29s

Adorable rescued baboon loves to play in the water!

This baby baboon has been cared for at a wildlife sanctuary since he was rescued, and just like humans, baboons sometimes get lice, so they need to get bathed with a proper shampoo for that. Well, there is nothing he loves more than playing in the water while getting a bath!

Published: August 27, 2017Updated: August 28, 2017167 views
Rescued caracal goes for a walk55s

Rescued caracal goes for a walk

Animals in captivity need to exercise, since they don't walk nearly as much as they would in the wild, so this rescued caracal gets taken on walks, and she loves it!

Published: August 19, 2017Updated: August 21, 201710 views
Hand-feeding a rescued aardvark38s

Hand-feeding a rescued aardvark

An aardvark is one of those animals that is both very weird looking and extremely cute at the same time, especially when they're eating, with that nose moving up and down! Too cute!

Published: August 10, 2017Updated: August 11, 201762 views
Gentle meerkat loves to cuddle28s

Gentle meerkat loves to cuddle

This adorable meerkat used to be kept as a pet until his owner realized that's not a good idea. Now, being very used to people, there is nothing he loves more in the world than cuddles!

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