Talented Man Proves You're Never Too Old To Dance

Published September 12, 2014 442,802 Views

Rumble / Caught DancingAn unlikely video has emerged featuring the curious dance performance of one elderly man flaunting his happy feet, dancing to the rhythm in front of a mirror. This cheeky grandfather is the real proof that age is just a number when you are young at heart!

Dancing is really something magical and wonderful. Watch as this senior shows off his best moves while performing choreographer Pat Stott's 'Fall In Love' line dance routine, set to the track 'Never Gonna Fall In Love', written by Rick Guard and performed by Tim Redmond. This is an adorable video that shows that you are never too old to have a good time and do what you love! This is one video that should not be missed!

Footage shows one cheerful elderly man moving to the rhythm, dancing in perfectly choreographed moves while staring at his reflection in the mirror. You shouldn’t underestimate old folks just because they’re old! We seem to forget that these elderly people were once young and danced like crazy. This grandfather busting out his awesome dance moves is the perfect example of that!

Watching this man dancing his happy feet out in a well-rehearsed dance choreography gave us the wonderful conclusion that you are never really old to share your booty! We bet this incredible video has left viewers in awe because the agility and dance skills displayed by this elderly man are truly something. It is very clear that this cool grandpa still has the groove. Way to go!

Public dancing is wide appeal among the ageing population in order to maintain a sense of community in a highly urbanised living environment. Often dances take place in venues ranging from parks and public squares to parking lots. They take a variety of forms, from traditional folk dances to improvised routines set to patriotic songs, saccharine pop and sanitized rap.

Age is just a number for this high energy grandma! In another hilarious footage we see a 94-year-old woman busting out some serious dance moves with her relatives! Her energy is contagious and is guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

When someone tells you you are too old for something, just give them this video and you will never hear of it again! One groovy grandma proves that you can never be too old to bust a move, as she throws down some serious moves, much to our delight. Beginning with a tentative sway from side-to-side, this 94-year-old granny proves to be quite the mover, taking the center stage on the living room, dancing along with her relatives.

Shown dancing to some hip hop music, accompanied by her caretaker and by a young girl which is probably her granddaughter, the positive grandma moves like there is no tomorrow! Watch how this elderly lady twists her body to the groove in search of something that is a truer match to her vibrant character!

Judging by the way this lady sways on the floor, it can be assumed that she has been a dancer her entire life, as her tidy toe-taps soon erupt into a joyous jive. The lively grandmother swings her arms side to side in perfect synchronization to her feet and the beat. Just when we thought she can’t get any groovier, she starts shaking her booty like JLo. The frail-looking lady beams throughout the entirety of her improvised routine, proving that she’s still got it.

We bet this lively lady is always the life and soul of the party. She loves to keep moving her body and mind, she says it helps to keep her young. We all absolutely loved seeing her and the other relatives and friends enjoying themselves while moving to the rhythm.

Isn't this video awesome? This senior sets a great example for all of us to follow. No matter the age, do what you love. Do we have to mention how good of a dancer he is? Good for him doing what he loves even into his old age. He may look like a senior but he will always be a young man at heart! Who knows how long this man has been dancing for? One thing is for sure, he is pretty good and he looks like he has done it for a long time!

Do you know anyone that does stuff like this despite their age? Let us know down in the comments!

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