Bass fish caught in a storm sewer

ThefishwhispererPublished: August 28, 2014533,810 views
Published: August 28, 2014

You never know whats in your sewers. We've all heard of the age old tale of sewer crocodiles and sewer snakes, but sewer fish? Teenage Kyle Naegeli caught this 1 lb bass fish in his Texan neighborhood's storm sewer system. According to Kyle, also known as 'Thefishwhisperer', "This is the second bass I have caught in the drain, and definitely not the last."

How do you think that Kyle ended up finding this long lost bass in the sewer? Who knows, but you can bet that the fish is thankful that it wasn't stuck in there anymore!

Check out this teenager catching a fish in the sewer!

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    • 1 rumble
      sistrozzie · 48 weeks ago

      But it's from a sewer drain!

      • 2 rumbles
        SgtSkiddz · 45 weeks ago

        *Storm* drain. Still nasty but not the sewer.