Trappers Remove 9-Foot Gator From Florida Sewer

Storyful Published March 22, 2017 163,092 Plays

Rumble John Ruel was walking his dog in Oldsmar, Florida, near Tampa on March 20 when he spotted a gator trying to climb out of the sewer when it got stuck. When the trapper arrived at the scene, he had to push the gator backward and then pull the reptile out through the manhole. The trapper, from the State of Florida Wildlife, responded to the scene and first carefully taped up the gator’s mouth while its head was sticking out of the sewer opening. He then pulled the gator by its tail through the manhole and eventually freed the animal.

Neighborhood resident John Ruel recorded the incident and posted the video on Facebook, featuring the animal trapper calmly rescuing the large reptile. A Florida alligator trapper struggled to extract a 9-foot gator from a sewer in Tampa, eventually pulling him out backwards through a manhole. This Florida man sure captured an unusual scene in his neighborhood that you don't see every day, this alligator was being pulled from a sewer like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles do in the cartoon.

Ruel said that the alligator was about nine feet long. He also said the trapper told him the gator would not be euthanized. The alligator is fine and expected to be relocated. Ruel said the gator was actually trying to get out of the sewer from a street level drain on Camberley Lane, when it got stuck. Residents will never walk freely in this neighborhood again!

Folks will agree that gators are quite the nuisance animals in the southern parts of the country, which is why people specialize in capturing and relocating them. Since they can be really demanding, proper training is crucial in becoming a alligator trapper. While her peers are out socializing with other folk their age, Gabby Scampone is wrestling alligators. Dubbed “Gator Girl”, she moved from New York to Florida few months ago to pursue a career in relocating and caring for alligators.

Gabby says she’s been loving reptiles since she was 15, so with the lack of alligators in New York, she decided to seek her happiness elsewhere.

“When I moved here and told my parents that I was wrestling alligators they weren’t too excited. They were obviously afraid for me because it can be dangerous. But they support me in everything I do." says the brave 22-year-old. With her boss Paul Bedard she volunteers at Everglades Holiday Park, where she puts on a daily show wrestling alligators whilst also educating the audience.

She might be following the career path she always wanted, but it doesn’t come without some difficulties. Mainly, it is Gabby’s social life that has taken a toll. "So I was actually on a date last week. Half way through the date, Paul calls me about an alligator. So obviously I have to go get it, but it was a blessing in disguise because the guy didn’t want to come with me.

Gabby says she will continue pursuing her dream career with alligators, hoping to not lose any fingers in the process.