Catching a daughter doing selfies on video

RobBeckhamPublished: August 22, 2014Updated: August 23, 201413,475,778 viewsVirality: 22%
Published: August 22, 2014Updated: August 23, 2014

Rob Beckham noticed a lot of movement in his rear view mirror and realized his daughter was in the midst of an epic photo shoot of her own creation. After watching and laughing for a minute or so, he realized he needed to capture this for posterity. It will definitely put a smile on your face!

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    • 1 rumble
      FedUp1234 · 2 weeks ago

      Add a comment...You gotta love teenagers. Especially the girls, I really don't get the whole selfie thing. Seems a little vain to me.

    • 1 rumble
      starzfan31 · 1 week ago

      Not so bright.

    • 1 rumble
      Roger13 · 4 days ago

      What kind of shit is this? She does not have a seat belt on. What the fuck he's watching it on his phone and driving. this is fucked up.

    • 1 rumble
      ChuckManson · 6 hours ago

      That's 1 selfie I wouldn't wanna get. Talk about nightmares LOL smh