Cheerful UPS Deliveryman Poses For Selfie With Household Dogs

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Published: June 12, 2017

The hardworking people at UPS really have their work cut out for them. While en route, they might encounter all sorts of situations with various degrees of severity, from the usual barking and chasing dogs to some really awkward human interactions. They keep their cool and remain their professional selves, but when it comes to some friendly neighborhood pups, a cuddle is always in order!

This UPS carrier was very hard at work making a delivery in Louisiana, but he still makes time to greet the friendly dogs that don’t react to his visit with stereotypical anger. Not only are they friendly to visitors, they will also stay still for selfies!

Staci Burns from Athens, Louisiana is the owner of this heartwarming video and says that the friendly neighborhood UPS delivery guy, who goes by the name Doniel Kidd, always makes time for a selfie with her dogs.

The red Australian Shepherd which takes a great liking to Doniel is called Reba, who, according to Staci, had a phase of going out on adventures in the past, so Doniel noticed her once and gave her a lift back home, because he knew where she lived. No wonder she’s so fond of him!

You know your UPS man is the best on the planet, when your dogs can't keep themselves away from him! Be sure to share this video with your friends!

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      frankoliver · 36 weeks ago

      I want to see those pics hahaha 😀😁