Cute Penguin Walks Into A Restaurant’s Kitchen

Published August 15, 2014 479,030 Views

Rumble / Funny & WeirdHave you heard the joke about a penguin that walks into a bar? Neither have we, until we saw this amazing video of an African penguin wandering into a beach restaurant. This little guy is a part of a colony that lives just 70 meters from the hotel, so as soon as he walked into the kitchen people started recording. Unluckily, the staff shooed him away with a broom.

In Simon’s town, South Africa, one little penguin found himself curiously wandering into the kitchen of the Boulders Beach Lodge and Restaurant. Before being gently escorted out by staff with brooms and their legs, this penguin seemed reluctant to leave the establishment. Apparently this isn't the first occurrence of a penguin wandering into the open door in the kitchen according to the person who shot the video, Adrian den Hartog.

Most people think solely about the Antarctic when they hear about penguins, but do not realize that they can be found in South Africa as well. Penguins finding themselves in South African coastal cities in nothing new, as they are found in 24 islands just off the south-western coast of South Africa.

This cute little guy just wanted to check out the kitchen and say hi! Or maybe he wanted some fish and chips, who knows! But the kitchen is no place for a penguin, resulting in him having to leave. His curiosity definitely made for a funny moment for the people at the Boulders Beach Lodge and Restaurant at the time.

Waddle on, penguin friend!


  • bumblee20, 3 years ago

    What a carry on from grown men, shame on you lot, did you really need to hush out the penguin with brushes. After all its just a little bird.

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  • KingBoston, 4 years ago

    Just gimme the cheesy bread- nobody gets hurt.." XD

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