Friendly Penguin Hops Across The Street To Greet Passengers

Published December 20, 2017 4,024 Plays $11.50 earned

Rumble A very curious video has emerged of a man posing next to a little penguin. Watch as this friendly penguin hops across the street to greet passengers. This is one very playful penguin that loves hanging out with humans!

This clip was filmed on December 4, 2017 in Bluff, Southland, New Zealand when this man noticed a penguin and walked across the street just to catch him on camera and get him out of the road and to safety.

Moments later, the penguin began to hop across the street toward the man. As he approached, the man squatted down, and the penguin walked right up and stood next to him. Cars began to stop and the man started entertaining the crowd with the story he made up in the video.

The penguin then walked around crossing the street to visit with other people who had stopped to take its photo. Surprisingly, the penguin was not afraid of the people who approached him and seemed to be entertained by the given attention.

A local policeman stopped by and informed the man that this curious penguin is often wandering in the area, playing in the bushes behind the homes in the area and safely making his way back to the water when he is ready.

The man was told that the penguin often visits a local who has a son with cerebral palsy and often knocks on the door of another neighbor with his beak when he wants food. What a sweet little creature!