6-Year-Old Michael Jackson Impersonator Entertains Crowd

Published July 24, 2014 89,818 Views

Rumble / Babies & KidsThere are so many talented kids out there, not being afraid to show the world what they have. They sing, dance, paint and perform all sorts of arts, much to the pride of their loved ones and the awe of their audience. Each of these spectacular kids should be praised for their talents, but we are here to talk about one little boy in particular who has left us with our jaws hanging open.

Willie the Entertainer is back everybody! We have told you about him a while back, when he swooped the netizens of the world off their feet with his King of Pop moves! The little man, hailing from Lansing, Michigan, may have been just a baby when the world felt the loss of Michael Jackson’s passing, but that did not stop his parents from passing onto their boy their love for MJ’s music.

Under the guidance of his dad Jeff, little Willie not only became familiar with the music and lyrics, he also became skillful at imitating the moves that made Michael Jackson famous. It is simply impressive how accurate him performance is and you can see it in this clip. In an older performance of Willie in his local church, the man gets up on stage, dressed up in a white pinstripe suit, with a white fedora and a very recognizable navy blue band around his right arm, a perfect overture of what is about to go down.

Surely enough, the first beats blaring from the speaker system give it away. Willie starts moving his tiny body to the music of Smooth Criminal, one of MJ’s signature songs, recognizable no matter who is performing it. The crowd is going wild, as if the King himself came back for one more performance. You just cannot separate the two, that is how dedicated Willie is to his art. And boy, do we tip our fedoras in his honor!

Willie has done most of his performing at his local Family Christian Center, one in particular being his dazzling performance to “Black or White”, another signature song to his idol. Of course, everyone attending was whooping with excitement, supporting their local artist in his work.

Getting today’s kids closer to the music we used to listen to when we were their age may just prove to be crucial is preserving some cultural elements. The Motown classics sure fall under this category and we have to say, seeing a quintet of third-graders dance to 'I Want You Back' really was a joy to behold. Way to go, boys!